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Click here to install the Zest for Webflow extension
Sign up for a FREE 7 day trial and get your license key.
Open your Webflow project and click on the Zest icon in the left sidebar.
Enter your license key when prompted, and off you go!


Where is my CSS saved?

All CSS is saved to the custom header code of the Webflow project. It never leaves your Webflow project.
Head to your Site Settings > Custom code > Head Code and you'll see it all there.

Can I hand off the site to someone that doesn't have the Zest for Webflow Chrome extension installed?

Yes! As the CSS is stored in the site's custom code, so it will always render when previewing or viewing the published site. For designers to see the CSS in Designer mode they will need to install the extension, but no license key is required to preview the CSS on the page. You can also buy multiple lifetime subscriptions and invite anyone you like to use your license key.

Is there a free version of Zest for Webflow?

Using the Zest for Webflow Chrome extension without a license key allows you to view any CSS written with a Zest for Webflow subscription, for free. We also offer a 7-day free trial to anyone wanting to try out the Chrome extension in all its glory.

I only want to pay once, not on a monthly subscription. Can I do that?

Absolutely! We offer lifetime licenses for just this. You can purchase those by clicking here.

What features can I expect to be coming up?

We're currently working on some exciting new features, including integrating AI to write CSS for you and better integration with native Webflow styling. Let us know which features you'd love to see in Zest for Webflow, or follow us on X for the latest.

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