Database apps suck, right?

As developers, we’re tired of clunky interfaces with MongoDB. That’s why we’re working on the beautifully-realised MongoDB app for MacOS that you’ve been looking for!

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  • Built for the whole team

Share smart charts and graphics with PMs, clients, and other stakeholders.

  • Privacy first

Your data never leaves your machine. No account needed.

  • Queries front and center

We make it easy to write queries with autocomplete and schema introspection all built in.

  • Extensions

Find, or even better, build your own extensions to have custom functionality.

  • Project support

Zest lets you organise all your projects and environments. We even support multiple, simultaneous connections.

  • Integrations

All our tools should get along. Sharing to Slack, adding data to a Google Sheet, or emailing today’s metrics - made simple.

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Built for Mongo DB
  • Custom themes
  • Import and export json & csv
  • Built with accessibility in mind
  • Big Sur at the core on MacOS
  • Windows + Linux builds
  • Start a Mongo server in-app
  • Core ML to understand your data
  • Scheduled tasks to send data to integrations
  • A million other ideas

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We're currently looking for devs to take part in our BETA programme. We know how important feedback will be on this journey, so as a thank you, all BETA testers will get the app for completely free, even once we get to v1.0!

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